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Why Bozeman


What's so special about Bozeman?

Because Bozeman is a place that lives like a large city, but is really a small community waiting to wrap its arms around you.  Everyone knows each other here, and even if they don’t; they extend a friendly wave, hold a door for you, and pull to the side to let you pass when the snow narrows the road. 


Bozeman is inviting, and whether you are here to raise your family, drop your teen off at MSU, come skiing, fishing or hiking; the locals are waiting to welcome you.  We moved here from California in 2008 and have NEVER LOOKED BACK!  There has never been a time that we have longed to live anywhere else.  


Bozeman is growing and providing us with new opportunities, new jobs and new places to socialize and enjoy each other.   


Bozeman has consistently ranked in the top 10 Micropolitan cities, that just goes to show that people are aching to leave those big cities and get nestled in amongst the Mountains and Rivers, and become neighbors again.   

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